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Why Ignite Choir?

At Ignite, we are friendly, inclusive and supportive people with a passion for music - and in particular, singing.  We encourage and involve everyone in whatever capacity they are able.


We are un-auditioned, so we are perfect for beginners to come and experience being a part of a singing group, without pressure.


We have member​s from every level of interest and abilities – from those happy to sing in the choir ranks, to brave soloists and professionally trained vocalists. We love the connection of singing together.


We don't expect you to be able to memorise all the music or have vocal technique know-how.  But if you are more experienced, we include solo opportunities for the more confident members.


Every year, we perform up to five times - producing our own concerts and being involved in other musical projects. Some themes have included:

  • Cabaret evenings - 80s, 70s, 60s and other musical styles

  • Choral Classics and more adventurous pieces like "Adiemus" the music of Karl Kenkins

  • Gospel and Jazz evenings

  • Showstoppers concerts featuring music of the great Broadway shows or well known movie scores

  • Childrens concerts with Disney and other music a regular hit

  • Christmas  concerts

We vary our repertoire to make our performances enjoyable for both our members and our audience. 
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